Disordered Eating


Disordered Eating

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Signs and Symptoms of Disordered Eating

Symptoms of disordered eating may include behaviour commonly associated with eating disorders, such as food restriction, binge eating, purging (via self-induced vomiting or excessive exercise, and use of diet pills and/ or laxatives).

However, disordered eating might also include:

  • Self-worth based highly, or even exclusively, on body shape and weight.
  • A disturbance in the way one experiences their body, i.e., a person who falls in a healthy weight range but continues to feel that they are overweight.
  • Excessive or rigid exercise routine.
  • Obsessive calorie counting.
  • Anxiety about certain foods or food groups.

A rigid approach to eating, such as only eating certain foods, inflexible meal times, refusal to eat in restaurants or outside of one’s own home.

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