Eating Disorders-psychological key fact


Eating Disorders-psychological key fact

Bulimic Studies:

Journal of obesity and eating disorders is an open access publisher which provides scientific information to all the researchers and academicians in all quarters. Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterised by binge eating and purge to lose weight by using laxatives and emetics. It is serious and dangerous disorder. This disorder leads to loss of potassium and health.

Studies around the area of bulimia nervosa are becoming more prominent and versatile. Many look at the treatment modalities and its effectiveness, symptomatology and reducing of behaviours, versus types of supports for this population. Often typical treatment is not effective for those struggling with BN, and there is a need for new techniques and research which is turned toward neuroscience-based technologies, aiding in the reward processing and self-control aspects of the disorder

Binge Eating:

Binge eating disorder is an eating disorder characterised by consumption of huge quantity of food and feels powerless to stop consumption. The symptoms usually begin early adolescence. Binge eaters eat a lot even though not feeling hungry.

Research around Binge and compulsive eating looks at the social and neurological issues for the maintenance of behaviours and symptoms.

In conclusion, there are numerous studies are the area of eating disorders. Looking at the neurobiological systems and our brain’s ability to function at a normal or reduced, or hyper level is increasingly being looked at as we head into the next decade The Journal of obesity and eating disorders aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to obesity. The open access journal is published by Imedpub who hosts around 350 open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 100 International scientific Conferences.

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